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Gang of Arrows

Intro to Sewing THUR

Intro to Sewing THUR

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Our hands are made for GOOD! Learn basic hand sewing skills that will last a life time. Students will learn to hand sew, embroider, apply buttons, mend & hem clothing and take out seams. They will gain experience in design & application. Students will learn to safely thread a needle and tie a knot. We will get them comfortable with the basic feeling of stitching and then practice practice practice to help them perfect their stitching technique. We will use fun projects for them to accomplish.

 Mrs. Suzan's goal is for them to love to do these skills that they will use all their lives and be able to take with them the projects they created with a sense of confidence & accomplishment. This class is also offered on Mondays in Costa Mesa.

Class offerings: 2-3pm Thursdays, weekly

15 week course, August 29th to Dec 19th

Registration fee: $50 non refundable

Class fee: $475

Location: Huntington Beach, Newland/Hamilton


Charter school students: Complete registration fee out of pocket to register your student. Class fee may be covered by charter school PO. Please submit PO for class fee before August 26th.

Our current charter schools we work with are Cabrillo Point, iLead, Scale, Blue Ridge, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain, Sun Coast, Pacific Coast, Mission Vista and if you don't see your charter listed, we would be happy to start that process to onboard.   

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