Gang of Arrows is a family based business located in Huntington Beach, CA. Our vision for all of this you see here is to help equip families, nurture curiosity, and chase big dreams. We love to cultivate creative minds, all ages, and it starts at home but sometimes we need a little guidance to get going. Take a look and get inspired! 



Gang of Arrows Info + Policies:

We offer sibling discounts, just ask.

Charter Homeschools on our roster- We are currently an approved vendor for Cabrillo Point, Blue Ridge, iLead + Sage Oak. We are pending approval with Scale. 

Charter homeschool requests- We would be happy to take your request if you have a charter that is not on our roster. Just send us an email at 

Placing an order using charter funds- To use charter funds for class enrollment, you must place an order with your charter facilitator prior to attending class. Once you have placed your order with your school and it shows approved, you then sign up on our website by selecting the class and time you would like. There will be a drop down menu at payment, select charter pay. This will enroll your child using your charter funds. You may see a class with no dates. Class schedules are listed on our calendar under "Class schedule" as we add new class options monthly.

CANCELLATIONS- Cancellations must be requested 7 days prior to class for a full refund. Credit may be applied toward a class in the future for late cancellations. Garden class may have specific make up classes offered once a month.