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Gang of Arrows

Garden Nature Fridays (Jan-Mar) 1 CHILD

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This winter our garden program is offering a child led educational discovery space. The structure of this class is directed by good habits in nature and the value of respecting living things. Great for all ages. Gardening, medicinal plants, edible flowers, sustainable habits are all fostered here. 

1/6- 3/24 Fridays 10-11:30

Location: Huntington Beach

$300 per student. $50 registration fee. Sibling discount. Email us to get more info


Cost, $300 per student. Ages 2 and up. Only installments OK.
1 child family $300 ($100/mo)
2 child family $400 ($133/mo)
3+ child family $450 ($150/mo)


*Make up classes may result from weather conditions. Make up classes held on Saturday mornings, once a month.