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Gang of Arrows

Garden Nature Fridays + whittling (4 classes)

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This Spring our garden program is offering a child led educational discovery space. The structure of this class is directed by good habits in nature and the value of respecting living things. Great for all ages. We learn about gardening, life cycles of plants, medicinal plants, edible flowers, sustainable habits, insects. Parents are required to stay unless previously arranged. 

Whittling club is also a part of this program for designated children that can pass a safety guide. To sign up for our whittling club you can add this program to your cart for check out. Whittling is offered after a bit of nature time and has a strict designated space for creating with wood.

Friday's at 10-11:30AM (You can enroll here and then take a look at our schedule to pick which class will fit your schedule. This class rolls on throughout the year with 1 month commitments. Feel free to take all year or give one month a try. Enrollment opens monthly to give new families an opportunity.)

Location: 10120 Atlanta, Huntington Beach

To enroll your student using charter funds, continue to check out and click on "pay with charter". Please make sure you are an approved charter. We must have a receipt from your charter to start enrollment process.
(approved charters for Gang of Arrows: iLead, Cabrillo, Sage Oak, Blue Ridge)


*Make up classes may result from weather conditions. Make up classes held on Saturday mornings, once a month. See monthly schedule for details.