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Gang of Arrows

Knitting level 1

Knitting level 1

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Beginner friendly, 3rd grade +

 Our mission is to open the world of knitting to your child. A skill that will benefit them throughout their lives.
Before we can start on any knitting projects they will need to learn and practice the basics of knitting. Patience and much practice are the keys to learning this craft. We will build their skills with the following techniques, tie a slip knot and casting on, they will learn the knit  stitch & purl stitch and finally how to cast off.
After the kids are comfortable with these steps we can start on a simple project that showcases their new skills & give them the confidence and excitement to learn more.
We will then explore many other stitches that all stem from the basics that they will have learned.
They will also learn how to follow patterns and understand the verbiage used. This will open the door to a world of new possibilities for those who love to knit.

 15 week course, August 29th to Dec 19th

Class offerings: 3:30-4:30pm, Thursdays weekly

Supplies: Students will bring their own crochet hook and yarn. These will be specific to our projects. Please wait to purchase until you get our official supply email.

Registration fee: $50 non refundable

Class fee: $475

Location: Huntington Beach,( Newland/Hamilton)


Charter school students: Complete registration fee out of pocket to register your student. Class fee may be covered by charter school PO. Please submit PO for class fee before August 26th.

Our current charter schools we work with are Cabrillo Point, iLead, Scale, Blue Ridge, Sage Oak, Sky Mountain, Sun Coast, Pacific Coast, Mission Vista and if you don't see your charter listed, we would be happy to start that process to onboard.   

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